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Technology Stacks Needed Today from a FullStack Developer

As a programmer, one must always try to become a Fullstack developer. It’s mandatory to compete with the latest technologies and establish an eminent position. Now, you must be questioning that what actually this “Fullstack developer is?

A Fullstack Vue.js developer is someone who can freely work with both front-end technologies and back –end technologies. In another way, it can be said that a developer who can work with PHP, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, database and Photoshop designs with front end coding.

Being a developer doesn’t mean that a developer should be an expert or master in everything needed to do with back-end and front-end, but it shows that a developer can work efficiently on both the side and can understand the things going on while building up of any application.

Latest technology stacks for a developer

Technology stacks for a developer keep on modifying as per the advancement of technologies. Hence, let’s have a look at the technology stacks which are needed today in 2017 from a Fullstack developer:

System administration

It includes the things as:
• Linux with basic shell scripting
• Background processing
• Cloud computing like Amazon or Rackspace
• Caching like Varnish, Memcached, OpCache or APC
• Monitoring like Nagios
• Search like Elasticsearch, Solr, Sphinx

Web Development tools

• Virtualization as Vagrant, Virtual Box, Docker
• Version Control as Mercurial, Git, SVN

Front-end technology

• HTML/HTML5 as Semantic Web
• JavaScript as AngularJS, jQuery, Knockout, etc.
• CSS/CSS3 as LESS, Media Queries, SASS
• Responsive design
• JSON, AJAX, WebSocket, AJAX
• Compatibility across every browser

Back-end technology

• Programming language like NodeJS, PHP, Ruby
• Database as MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, SQL or JSON
• Web Servers like Apache, Nginx


• UX
• UI
• Conversion of website design into front-end code

Mobile technologies

• iOS
• Hybrid such as Appcelerator, PhoneGap
• Android

These are the stacks about which a developer should have the knowledge to become a Fullstack developer. As a developer, if you really want to establish your important position in today’s fast moving world, you must beware of these technologies stacks.


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