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Rule a new world with responsive website design

Today, you cannot undermine the importance of mobile phones anymore. There has been a staggering growth of mobile devices like smart phones and tablets, thanks to innumerable benefits it provides to users. People of all ages are using various apps, social media and websites to connect, upload and also avail various services.
The number of mobile users runs into millions and it is increasing with each passing day. Currently, more than 60% of American adults are using smart phones and the numbers are increasing rapidly every year. Many businesses have understood the benefits of smart phones and they have taken a step in the positive direction by making their websites mobile-friendly. There is a huge online market that needs to be tapped and by doing that a business can increase reach, sales and profits.
But having a mobile website is not enough to attract audience. It should be user-friendly. If the viewing experience and interaction with your website is poor, then they will have a bad opinion about your brand and they will also like to visit a competitor’s website. In such scenario, you should look out for a professional website design company that offers quality responsive website development solutions at affordable rates. You should check whether their team of developers and designers has the requisite knowledge and expertise to develop an eye-catching, productive responsive website. The experienced designers should also make sure that the website's images, text, screen-layouts, audio/video payers, navigation elements, as well as other important UI elements, are able to readjust on a range of devices. If it fits in all devices, a website owner does not need to spend more time and precious money to create and maintain two versions.
Responsive sites improve SEO rankings and it would benefit businesses. Google recommends responsive development for mobile web design. You will be amazed to know that responsive websites perform better in search rankings because they provide a better user experience than sites that are not mobile friendly. Furthermore, mobile phones now have a separate Google search algorithm as well. Another important fact is that by 2015, mobile searches will overtake desktop searches and that would do a world of good for those businesses that have mobile-friendly websites.
So, a responsive website is a boon for business owners as they can catch the attention of millions of mobile users and create new markets for their products and services. Hire the services of a professional responsive website design company that has years of expertise in this domain.


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